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Thoughts so far- ToraDora

November 28, 2008

ryujiWell first of all happy Thanksgiving to everyone Right now, I’m starving waiting for dinner to start! I’m sure many of you have heard of ToraDora, and I have to admit when I first heard it went into production I really didn’t care. But then one day I came across the first episode and I guess you can say it became one of my favorites. I read up to chapter 12 of the manga and seen up to ep 9. The first thing I have to say and just get off my chest is damn the bird is ugly! Okay well thats enough of the bird sorry just had to say that. Well the anime compared to the manga¬† is that the pace of the anime goes relatively fast, but on on my animelist account it said the whole anime is 25 ep so I guess we have a ways to go. But I have to say I’m kind of happy about that because I’m curious how Taiga’s and Ryuji’s relationship will go. At first I was kind of worried how there relationship will progress, but after ep 8 I have no worries! Taiga yelling out Ryujis mine really was a break through, so I send them my blessings heh heh heh. And another random comment Ryuji looks really creepy when hes happily cleaning. O.o